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Remote Control Airplanes

What is it about remote control airplanes that ignites our imaginations and brings us back to our childhoods? Is it the thrill of climbing high into the sky, spiraling higher and higher into the clouds? Is it the sense of freedom that soaring among the clouds instils in us? Is it simply the fact that its freaking cool to swoop down and scare people into thinking you're going to crash into them?

Maybe its a little bit of all of these things. Whatever it is, there is no greater hobby than building and flying remote control airplanes. And with the Internet, today you can get all the information and tools you need to make your RC airplane hobby even more enjoyable and accessible than ever before. So sit back and enjoy my web site, I hope you find everything you need to help you on your way.

Ready Made or Kit? That's the question of the hour. In the RC airplane community of hobbyists, there tends to be two main camps. On one hand you have those who believe that building your remote control airplane is the most important part of the hobby. Within that subset are those who build from kits on one hand, and those who build from scratch using nothing other than a plan (real hard core hobbyists). The other main camp consists of those of us who just like to fly the things!

The hard core kit builders may scoff at those of us who don't have the skill or patience to build our own RC planes, but we're really all part of the same small family. No matter what camp you belong to, you should find something interesting here at . If there's something you don't see here that you think we should have, please feel free to contact me at any time through the link on the right hand menu.

In the future: Going forward we hope to soon build a community portal here at that will let you upload pictures and stories of your own remote control airplanes. We're working furiously on it and hope to have it ready sometime early next year. The community section of the site will be completely free. Join our newsletter mailing list to the right for free if you want to be kept updated on our progress.

So whether you are a hard core hobbyist who builds your RC Airplanes from scratch using only a plan on a piece of paper, or if you've just got a simple twenty dollar toy class RC airplane that you bought at wal-mart, everyone is welcome to share in . Thanks for stopping by and remember to sign up for our totally and completely free newsletter on the right of the screen on the side menu.

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