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Welcome to my web site. Here you will be able to find information and suppliers of all types of RC airplane kits, from ready to fly, almost ready to fly, and even balsa kits. We even discuss starting from plans or from scratch. With a wide variety of choices and manufacturers, you'll soon discover the joys of RC airplane kits.

Choosing the best IQoption rc airplane kit can be the most important early choice for any hobbyist. Depending on how much time you want to spend (either putting together a kit or starting from a plan) and how much money you want to spend, you need the most up to date information available.

High Wing: These are generally the easiest planes to fly. A lot of trainers and park type flyers use this particular configuration. They tend to react more like gliders because they hold most of their weight under the canopy. This makes them pretty stable and easy to fly.

Low wing: Since the weight of the plane is placed on top of the wing structure, these types of planes are more difficult to fly. Some people say the balance is top heavy but still have good balance and stability and maneuverability. Rolls can be done using much less torque than a high wing plane.

Mid-Wing: These are usually considered the hardest rc airplane kits to fly. As the name suggests, the wings are located in the vertical middle of the fuselage. Mid-Wing planes are relatively balanced in whatever positions they find themselves in, which is good for military jets, aerobatic planes and sport planes. One downside though is that they don't automatically return to gliding positions stably.

RC Airplane Turning: To turn an RC airplane just roll the plane right or left and apply the right amount of back pressure (up-elevator). Your basic 3-channel RC plane will usually have a throttle control and an elevator, and then also either a rudder control or an aileron (but usually not both). Your complex 4 channel plane will sometimes have both rudder and ailerons and you turn it like a full-size plane. A lot of toy class planes don't have a movable control surface at all because its cheaper to build them that way with only 2 channels.

USA Reserved Frequency: To control RC airplanes, most countries reserve specific frequency bands for the radio control. In the USA and Canada, those frequencies are: 72 MHz: aircraft only.

Depending on which wing configuration you choose, your next decision may be about engine type. There are a number of different engine types to choose from when building your RC airplane. In the following pages I will go into the different engine types in far greater detail. For now I will just say that there are several main types, which include: Rocket engines, internal combustion engines (also called glow engines), electric engines, jet engines, and the old standby rubber band engine! ;-) Engine type can be a very personal choice to make, or it can simply be made based on budgetary reasons. Browse the site to learn more about this aspect of RC airplane kit building.

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